Ted Krotkiewski

Sound designer

Ted Krotkiewski

Sound Designer

Ted Krotkiewski born in 1985 in Gothenburg, Sweden is a sound designer, composer and mixer for films. In June 2017 he joined forces with Momento Film and together they started Momento Studio, a boutique Post Production Company with a focus on offering the best sound design for quality film and commercials.

He has made praised sound design work on films like MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY (Winner Amanda awards, Nominated for best sound design Kanon Awards), HORIZON (Berlinale, Winner Main price-SIFFA), HAMADA (Idfa, winner-Porto/post/doc & Gijon FF) and THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE (Guldbagge Awards, Winner-Tempo short award)

He comes from a background in music, where he has worked as a composer, producer and mixing engineer for artists such as ELLIPHANT, LOREEN and ZARA LARSSON.

“This sounds like nothing but the future” – Pitchfork music magazine.

Ted wants our directors to enter the studio and feel at home, get creative and inspired. The studio is packed with many quirky objects such as those microphones from the ’30s or ’70s to nail “THAT” sound. Directors can twist a knob on one of the many synths to create something obscure or simply lay down in the sofa and experience their film with massive 5.1 sound on a big screen.



2019 – TRANSNISTRA Documentary, Sound editor.

2019 – BUDDHA IN AFRICA – Documentary, Sound designer.

2019 – TINY TIM – KING FOR A DAY –  (Currently in production) Documentary, Sound designer, Composer.

2019 – DANI –  (Currently in production) Fiction, Sound designer, Mixer

2019 – JAURIA –  Short Documentary Sound designer, Mixer

2019 – HAMADA – (Documentary) Sound designer, Mixer

2019 – VÄRLDENS SÄMSTA INDIER –  tv series, soundtrack composer.

2018 – HORIZON – Fiction, Sound designer.

2019 – ISOLATION – (Currently in production). Documentary, Sound designer.

2018 – MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY – Documentary, Sound designer.

2017 – TOO BEAUTIFUL, OUR RIGHT TO FIGHT – Documentary, Composer.

2017 – THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE – Short documentary, Sound designer

2014 – PLASTIC – Fiction, Soundtrack Composer.

2011 – 9 SCENES OF VIOLENCE– Short documentary, Sound designer

2011 – YOU BELONG TO ME – Assistant Composter, Music recording Engineer

2011 – EMILS SOMMARLOV – tv series- composer

2010 – OMAIMA & HER BROTHER, A PALESTINIAN LOVE STORY – Documentary, Sound designer

2009 – I DREAMED ABOUT POL POT – Short documentary, Sound designer

2004 – CIRHEP – A STRUGGLE ABOUT WATER – Short documentary, Sound designer

David Herdies


David Herdies

Managing Director & Producer

David Herdies (1974) is a Swedish producer, director and the Managing Director of Momento Film. He founded Momento Film in 2011 with the vision to create compelling and surprising films commenting on our time. From the outset, the aim has been to be an independent platform for new talents with challenging and brave film projects. David Herdies’ films have been screened and awarded on festivals all over the world.

He has participated in international producer’s workshops such as EAVE, ACE, Eurodoc and was Sweden’s Producer on the Move at Cannes Film Festival 2018. Among his prior films can be mentioned the short film MADRE by Simón Mesa Soto (Official Short Film Competition, Cannes 2016), FRAGILITY by Ahang Bashi (Gothenburg Best Feature, Guldbagge for Best Newcomer, 2017), WINTER BUOY by Frida Kempff (Best International Documentary NIFF, 2015), GIVE US THE MONEY (Peabody award, 2013), and A SEPARATION. Since 2014, Herdies is developing a fiction department at Momento Film and has several feature films in development, amongst which can be mentioned MADAME LUNA written by Suha Arraf, THE GODS by Ahang Bashi and DE KOMMER ATT DRUNKNA I SINA MÖDRARS TÅRAR (THE RABBIT YARD) written by Johannes Anyuru and directed by Göran Kapetanovic.


2018 – Horizon 83 min fiction. Co-producer

2018 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy 83 min documentary. Co-producer

2017 – Ouaga Girls 81 min documentary. Producer

2016 – Lida 86 min documentary. Co-producer

2016 – Dear Kid (Älskade unge) 13 min fiction. Producer

2016 – What remains 19 min fiction. Producer

2016 – Miles of Sand 14 min fiction. Producer

2016 – Madre 14 min fiction. Producer

2016 – Rust 14 min documentary. Executive Producer

2016 – Fragility (Skörheten) 73/58 min documentary. Producer

2015 – Yellow Brick Road 14 min documentary. Executive Producer

2015 – Circles  (Cirklar) 13 min documentary. Producer

2015 – Winter Buoy  (Vinterboj) 86 min documentary. Producer

2015 – Ghost Rockets 72/58 min documentary. Executive Producer

2015 – Dybbuk: A tale of wandering souls  85 min documentary. Co-producer

2014 – A Separation (Att Skiljas), 72/58 min documentary . Producer

2013 – While no one is watching (När ingen ser), 58 min documentary. Director & Producer

2012 – Give Us The Money (part of the Why Poverty?-series), 58 min documentary. Producer

2011 – The Guerilla Son (Gerillasonen), 73/58 min documentary. Director & Producer

2010 – Fardosa, 13 min documentary. Director

2009 – Citizen Oketch, 58 min documentary Director & Producer

Michael Krotkiewski


Michael Krotkiewski born in 1980 in Sweden, is a producer and partner at Momento Film. He has an education from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and have previously worked as a film teacher at Ölands Folkhögskola. He is a creative producer that “thrives to work with directors that; does not follow trends, are free and surprising in their expressions yet at the same time are professional and mature and want more than 10 people watch their films”.

He has produced and directed several films of which can be mentioned HAMADA by Eloy Domíngues Serén (Competed at IDFA – First Appearance Section in 2018), I DREAMED ABOUT POL POT (Competed at IDFA – Mid Length Competition in 2009),  9 SCENES OF VIOLENCE (Competed at IDFA – Student Competition in 2012). And the shorts YELLOW BRICK ROAD by Eloy Domíngues Serén (premiered at Jihlava in 2015) and RUST by Eloy Domíngues Serén (Premiered at Fid Marseille and won the Gold Mikeldi Award at Zinebi in 2016). He was a minority Co-producer on MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY by Sofia Haugan (won the Amanda Award for best Doc in 2018 and an honorary mention at GIFF in 2018). He has also been assistant producer on films such as the fiction short  MADRE by Simón Mesa Soto (Official Short Film Competition, Cannes 2016), the fiction feature HORIZON  by Tinatin Kalishvari (Berlinale Panorama 2018) and the feature docs FRAGILITY by Ahang Bashi (Gothenburg Best Feature, Guldbagge for Best Newcomer, 2017) &  OUAGA GIRLS by Theresa Traore Dahlberg (Premiered at Vision Du Reel 2018).

He is currently producing four feature docs that all are international Co-productions in their final stages of production and one fiction feature that currently is in development.

Michael is a member of the EURODOC network and have also been a boardmember of the national institutional distributor FILMCENTRUM RIKS.


2018 – Hamada, 89 min, Producer

2018 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy, 83 min, Co-producer

2018 Horizon, 105 min, Fiction, Assistant co-producer

2017 Ouaga Girls, 81 min, documentary, Assistant producer

2016 – Rust, 14 min, documentary. Producer

2016Madre, 14 min, fiction. Assistant producer

2016 – Dear Kid (Älskade unge), 13 min, fiction. Assistant producer

2016 – Fragility, 73/58 min, documentary. Assistant producer

2015 Yellow Brick Road (Den gula tegelvägen), 14 min, documentary, Producer

2014Isolation, In development, documentary. Director

2013 – Crying, 4 min short documentary. Director, producer

2011 – 9 Scenes of Violence (9 scener om våld), 32 min documentary. Director, producer

2010 – A Sister and the Brother (En syster och brodern), 14 min documentary. Director

2009 – I Dreamed About Pol Pot (Jag drömde om Pol Pot), 28 min documentary. Director, producer

2009 – Paparazzi, 28 min documentary. Director

2004 – Civil Disobedience (Civil olydnad), 14 min documentary. Director, producer